VALUE-ADDED PRODUCER GRANTS - A grant program offered
by the USDA's Rural Development - Business and Cooperative
  The 2015 funding cycle for the VAPG has been
announced. Grant applications are due at the USDA in early
July (2July for electronic submission, 7July for paper
. Contact RCS now for help in getting your
Value-added project funded.  
 EVERY VAPG grant application
written by RCS has been funded!!
VAPG Program focuses on enabling producers to develop
businesses that produce and market value-added agriculture

Stated goal of VAPG is "to help accelerate the pace of the
transformation of the nation's agricultural economy into one
focused on producer-owned value-added businesses." (USDA

Rose Consulting Service,Inc. is available to prepare VAPG
applications for:

Planning Activity Grants (up to $75,000) - available to fund
planning activities such as feasibility studies and development
of business plans for processing and marketing value-added

Working Capital Grants (up to $200,000) - available to fund
working capital expenses for processing and marketing value-
added agriculture products including inventory, salaries and
office supplies.
                         kellye (at)
952.486.8436                                                                                    1.866.357.4315

To date, RCS Inc has
100% success rate

In 2007, 381
applications were
submitted to the
USDA, with the grant
proposal written by
Rose Consulting  
receiving the
score in the
nationwide!  (Scores
and ranking not
available for other
years.  ALL RCS
applications have
been funded.)
This program normally awards $15-19 Million dollars in project
support for Value Added projects.  The program will supply up to 50%
of eligible project costs for your Value-Added project!!