Ask Rose Consulting Service, Inc. to prepare your
applications for projects in the following qualifying areas:
Energy Efficiency Improvements (max. grant request
$250,000), including some Geo-Thermal and Solar Thermal
Grain Dryer projects
Irrigation system projects
Building envelope improvements
Lighting improvements
Energy-source conversion projects

Renewable Energy Technology purchase and installation  
(max grant request up to $500,000) including:
Wind Turbines
Solar Photovoltaic
Solar Thermal
Bioenergy (Biomass / Biogas)
Anaerobic Digesters
Hydrogen projects  
Deadline dates for FY 2015 are April 30 and June 30!!  CALL NOW to
tart your 2012 project application!  

REAP is now funded at ~$5
0 Million per year for Fiscal Years
-2018.  Roughly $35 Million of each years' funding will go to
grant application
s.  As the 2014 allocation wasn't offered in 2014,
there are effectively 2 years' worth of funding for 2015.  The 30April
round will have ~$14 Million set aside for applications which have
project costs of $80,000 or less.  There are 3 levels of applications
under the REAP program, based on project cost - $80,000 or less;
over $80,000 up to $200,000; and above $200,000.

CALL RCS Inc. today for assistance getting your share of these funds.
The grant applications MUST be mailed and received by the USDA
before money gets spent on the project (in order for the funds to
remain eligible in the grant budget).  To put it another way, if you
are interested in applying for a REAP grant, DON'T give any down
payments on labor or equipment until the Grant application is
mailed.  CALL Rose Consulting Service, Inc. now for assistance in
getting your application together.
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Local 952.486.8436                                                   Tollfree 1.866.357.4315
Through FY 2014 -
Rose Consulting
Service has
applications that
have resulted in
over $7 million in
grant awards to